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NEW Oticon Opn™ custom styles

Now the Oticon Opn family has gained five new in-the-ear designs, even more of your clients can enjoy the groundbreaking open sound experience that makes directionality as we know it a thing of the past.

OpenSound Navigator™ opens up the world

The OpenSound Navigator technology in Oticon Opn scans the sound environment more than 100 times per second, rapidly and precisely attenuating disturbing noise, even between individual words.

This groundbreaking technology is what enables Oticon Opn to constantly deliver 360° sound, and it’s available in all Oticon Opn custom styles including our smallest hearing aid ever* – the new IIC.

Closing a gap to normal hearing

Outstanding new evidence from two independent studies shows how Oticon Opn empowers people to actively participate in the same noisy environments as people with normal hearing*, such as restaurants and similar environments that were previously too demanding.

This is thanks to the OpenSound Navigator technology, which helps people with hearing loss to interact with multiple speakers, while significantly reducing their listening effort.**

THE NEW Oticon Opn IIC

Our smallest hearing aid ever*

A hearing aid that no one will notice is a strong preference for many first-time hearing aid users, as well as more experienced clients who prefer more discreet hearing instruments.

By optimising the shape of the faceplate and reducing the length and width – as well as the size of the technical components inside – we have succeeded in developing our smallest hearing aid ever. And since it’s an Oticon Opn, they get the groundbreaking open sound experience built in.

2.4 GHz connectivity – Now in custom styles*
With Oticon Opn, your clients can stream high-quality sound to both hearing aids from any compatible smartphone, including iPhone® and Android™.
Oticon Opn pairs with our ConnectClip** microphone accessory via 2.4 GHz Bluetooth® low energy technology, enabling hands-free calls and more.

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Opn 1 CIC/Mini/ITC, Opn 2 CIC/Mini/ITC, Opn 3 CIC/Mini/ITC