Tinnitus (ringing in ears) | Tinnitus Treatment in Brisbane at Sandgate Hearing

What is tinnitus?

Many medical literatures recognise tinnitus as a “persistent sensation of sound for which no acoustic source for the sound exists outside of head”. Tinnitus sufferers commonly describe the sounds as “ringing”, “buzzing”, “cricket-like sounds”. We at Sandgate Hearing offers the best tinnitus treatment in Brisbane. Common problems associate with tinnitus patients include:

  • Sleep disturbance
  • Interference with relaxation
  • Emotional Distress
  • Intrusiveness
  • Reduced Sense of Control
  • Auditory Difficulties attributed to tinnitus
  • Quality of Life reduction
  • Hypersensitive to sounds

tinnitus treatment brisbane

Healthy and damaged hair cells inside cochlea

Can you cure tinnitus?

It is one of the most common question in our hearing clinic.  I usually avoid answer this question until I finish all the assessment. I understand that tinnitus can have a huge impact on sufferer’s life. However, as a good audiologist, our first duty is to use our tools and equipment to understand the auditory system and get a glimpse of what may have gone wrong in the auditory pathway which results into the tinnitus onset.  In some form of tinnitus which is sinister in nature, such as sudden hearing loss and sudden tinnitus onset or associate with facial palsy, we treat this case as an emergency.

Be aware marketing Tinnitus treatment can be used as a business opportunity to sell hearing aids or other services. 

Form of tinnitus:

There are many forms of tinnitus, ranging from subjective tinnitus and objective tinnitus. The causes of tinnitus include:

  • Hearing loss
  • Industrial noise exposure
  • Natural aging
  • Middle ear infections
  • Earwax blockage
  • Head injury
  • Ototoxic drugs
  • Stress
  • Meniere’s disease
  • Certain types of tumours
  • TMJ Joint problem
  • Perilymph fistula
  • Music/acoustic hallucination
  • Circulation problem

What can we help?

You can see some of the possible causes are serious medical condition. Providing a good audiology service, our core duty is to identify and diagnose out medical problem requirement further evaluation. We perform a comprehensive hearing assessment to understand the structures and integrity of your auditory system. We evaluate the severity of your tinnitus, measures the tinnitus sounds and survey how the tinnitus impact to your life. Then we educate patients with chronic bothersome tinnitus about intervention options. Click here to arrange a tinnitus assessment or treatment in Brisbane.