Bruce Sommerville


“Thank God for Ronnie…”
I’ve had hearing aids before but they didn’t perform to the standard that they were supposed to, so I didn’t really use them. With my new aids from Ronnie, I wear them constantly and I love the fact that they are rechargeable. My quality of hearing has improved drastically and I can actually hear my brother talking now, which I haven’t heard properly in the last 18 years. Thank God for Ronnie.

Bruce Sommerville - Bracken Ridge
Jan 2020

Vincent & Doris Nolan


“He will do anything he can to help you…”
We’re so happy that we’ve found Ronnie, our audiologist at Sandgate Hearing. He’s very thorough, very detailed and he won’t just let you go if you can’t hear well. He will do everything he can to help you. We’re happy and we’d recommend anyone with hearing problems to see Ronnie at Sandgate Hearing.

Vincent & Doris Nolan - Brighton
Jan 2020

Stephen Munns


“The complete answer to my hearing problems…”
I’m so glad to have found Ronnie Lam, my audiologist. He’s been the complete answer to my hearing problems. I’ve had hearing problems most of my life which has often left my socially disadvantaged. For many years, my wife has been frustrated with my lack of hearing but now this is changing. Also for the first time, I can clearly hear what my grandchildren are telling me. I’d highly recommend Ronnie for his thoroughness and professionalism.

Stephen Munns - McDowall
Jan 2020

Laura DeHann


“I can hear distinctive words now…”
These are my first hearing aids and I’m extremely happy with them. Now I can hear distinctive words on the TV which I couldn’t hear before. I used to struggle to hear the Minister at church, but now I can hear him clearly too. I am so glad I went to Sandgate Hearing and I would highly recommend them to anyone with a hearing loss issue. The after care service is also very good.

Laura DeHann - Boondall
November 2019

Eddie Hoogland


“Personal Care”
If you wish to have personal care for your hearing needs, Ronnie is the one to go to. In general, if you can’t hear well, go to Sandgate Hearing. Highly recommended!

Eddie Hoogland - Shorncliffe
November 2019

John Sheppard


“Whole heartedly recommend…”
I couldn’t fault their services and I would whole heartedly recommend anyone with hearing difficulties to Sandgate Hearing! I find Ronnie very pleasant to deal with and he is definitely an expert in this field.

John Sheppard - Sandgate
November 2019

Terry Baker


“Hear the Grandkids”
“I can hear everybody a lot better now. General conversations at home are a lot clearer. I can hear the grandkids a lot clearer…and my son, my daughter.. including a work colleague who I couldn’t hear before. I am very happy with the services at Sandgate Hearing…”

Terry Baker, Arundel
Sep 2017

Joy Hogan


“Luxury TV Headphones”
“I am very happy with Sandgate Hearing. Put my back in touch with my family, just in time for my granddaughter!”

Joy Hogan, Deagon
Oct 2017

Mark Dackevics


“New ears”
“It’s absolutely wonderful! Now that I have my ‘new ears’ I feel much more confident and I am able to enjoy life more. After a complete and comprehensive hearing test, they sugggest only what you need and what fits your budget. With all their latest diagnostic equipment and training, you’ll be glad you went with them. It is so refreshing to find professionals who really care.”

Mark Dackevics, Clontarf
Oct 2017

Mary Appleby


“I love listening to music now…”
My daughter thinks it’s wonderful that I don’t have to repeat things three times anymore. When watching TV with my husband, he can sit with me in the same room without having the TV blasting at him. Often he sat in a different room when I watched TV. Our doctor in Sandgate recommended I see Ronnie at Sandgate Hearing and I’m very grateful he did. It’s made a big difference to my life and it’s so nice going out. I love listening to music now and it’s lovely to hear the birds sing. The admin staff at Sandgate Hearing are amazing and we’re just so grateful to Ronnie.

Mary Appleby and husband Jeff - Boondall
October 2019

Eddie Sampson


“You will not be disappointed”
Having put up with my hearing problems for some 40 years with it deteriorating, I felt it was time something needed to be done. When Ronnie put me through the computerised hearing tests, it showed I was profoundly deaf in one ear, and severely impaired in the other. I have now been fitted with two inner ear aids which have truly taken me to a new world. These aids, when activated, actually work together to give me a sound experience that I have never before felt. I can only say many, many thanks to Ronnie and the crew at Sandgate Hearing. If you are having any hearing issues, please go to see these guys. You will not be disappointed.

Eddie Sampson - Boondall
August 2019

Peter Williams


“We’re ecstatic”
There’s a saying that goes, “There’s nothing new under the sun,” but we truly have found something new and wonderful with Ronnie, the audiologist at Sandgate Hearing. He is extremely thorough and his professional approach from diagnosis to the fitting of hearing aids leads to excellent results. We’re not just happy, we’re ecstatic!

Peter and Judith Williams- Boondall
August 2019

Heinz Hekel


“My GP recommended me to see Sandgate Hearing.”
My GP recommended I see Ronnie to try and improved hearing aid for high frequency hearing loss, and I am glad I did. I was surprised at how much easier and more enjoyable it is for me to follow a conversation in a noisy environment without straining and guessing.

Heinz Hekel- Sandgate
July 2019

Stanley Cottle


“I now always see the same Audiologist”
I am extremely happy with my new service provider,Sandgate Hearing. Their hearing tests are extremely detailed. I’ve never been tested like that before. At my previous provider, every time I went I saw a different audiologist. At Sandgate Hearing, I know I will always see the same Audiologist which is great for me!

Stanley Cottle - Taigum
Oct 2017

Karleen Kohlweg


“Fabulous Pricing”
Thank you… I’m very happy. Fabulous pricing, fabulous service and I can now hear! Just recently, I went to the Treasury Casino and I could have a conversation with my husband while the music was playing! I never thought this would ever happen. I love that I am no longer being anti-social!

Karleen Kohlweg - Banyo
Nov 2017

Lynette and Graham Baker


“Very Friendly and Helpful.”
We found Sandgate Hearing very friendly and helpful. There are our first hearing aids and we’re absolutely thrilled with the results. We’d recommend Sandgate Hearing to anyone with hearing loss.

Lynette and Graham Baker - Scarborough
July 2019

Arpad Nika


“Improved relationships with people around me”
The hearing aids have improved my hearing tremendously and also improved the relationships with the people around me. My aids were so discreet that people didn’t even notice I was wearing them. I think Ronnie is the most reliable and trustworthy audiologist anyone could have. He’s also very easy to talk to and very helpful. In the past, I went to a different clinic for hearing aids which I was never happy with – I couldn’t hear very well with them at all. Now I can hear so well and I’m extremely happy.

Arpad Nika - Brighton
June 2019

Catherine Bromley


“I did not expect such a great change”
I’ve had hearing aids before, so when I came to Sandgate Hearing I did not expect such a great change. What I have now is fantastic! It makes me more sociable, and I’m so happy that I can have conversations with my little 5-year-old grandson. Before, I couldn’t hear him at all. I’d definitely recommend Sandgate Hearing to anyone with hearing issues.

Catherine Bromley - Bracken Ridge
May 2019

Peter Mannion


“Greater Quality of Life”
It was great to find someone with Ronnie’s experience and knowledge in Sandgate. He was able to improve my hearing from 30% to near 80% and give me a greater quality of life, for which I am extremely grateful.

Peter Mannion - Brighton
May 2019

Sheila Moetara and Hine Whiunui


“I’m so happy…”
I’m so happy I can hear myself singing. Without the hearing aids, I could only hear about 60%, but with these hearing aids I can hear over 90%. I’m very happy.

“My family is thrilled…”
My family is thrilled that I have hearing aids. Now they don’t have to repeat themselves.

Sheila Moetara – Fitzgibbon and Hine Whiunui – Redcliffe
June 2019

Ian Motley


“I would highly recommend them to everyone”
I’ve never had hearing aids before and I’m glad I came to Sandgate hearing to get my first pair. Sandgate Hearing was recommended to me by my neighbour who is also extremely happy with them. I’m very happy with the services and products and would highly recommend Sandgate Hearing to everyone.

Ian Motley - Fitzgibbon
May 2019

Mary Greenland


“So Happy and Grateful”
I came in not really expecting anything to change, but the improvement in my hearing is just overwhelming. I’m so happy and grateful. I’d absolutely recommend Sandgate Hearing to anyone with hearing issues.

Mary Greenland - Boondall
April 2019

Beverley Scuderi


“I’m enjoying my life a lot more”
These are my first hearing aids and I’m extremely happy with them. Before I went to Sandgate Hearing, I went to another place, but the care and the service was nothing in comparison to that at Sandgate Hearing. I can hear very well now and I’m enjoying my life a lot more in general.

Beverley Scuderi - Bracken Ridge
April 2019

Jean Conneman


“LYRIC has made my life so much easier…”
While caring for my husband who had Parkinson disease, I didn’t have the time to fiddle with external hearing aids. After reading about the Lyric, I went into the clinic to check it out and I walked out being able to hear clearly. I’m so grateful that my doctor suggested I call Sandgate Hearing. I have found Ronnie Lam to be caring and there is no time limit. There is no pressure to be in and out in a hurry and Ronnie makes sure you’re absolutely satisfied before you leave. Even though Lyric is not for everyone, if it is for you, you won’t be disappointed. It has made my life so much easier and my life has changed dramatically.

Jean Conneman - Newport Waterways
April 2019

Donald Sommerville


“100% better…”
For 20 years I couldn’t hear very well. With my new hearing aids, I can actually hear now! I’m so happy with my new Audiologist, Ronnie Lam. He explains everything to me and really cares about my hearing. My family doesn’t need to repeat things now!

Donald Sommerville - Bracken Ridge
April 2019

Norma Geary


“Now I’m Extremely Happy”
I’ve had hearing aids for many years, but now I’m extremely happy with the convenience and the results of my new hearing aids from Sandgate Hearing. Seeing Ronnie is very handy for us and he is so easy to talk to. He really listens and understands my hearing issues. I’d recommend him to everyone.

Norma Geary - Brighton
April 2019

Norm Manley


“I’m surprised by the number of birds that live around my house…”
Whenever guests came over – generally I couldn’t join in the conversations, especially if they sat opposite me or on the other side of the room. I just couldn’t follow the conversations but I’d give the smile hopefully, in the appropriate place, like it was the cartoon “Mr McGoo”. Now that I’ve been to see Ronnie at Sandgate Hearing, I’m also surprised by the number of birds that live around my house. It’s a joy to hear them. I can hear my family and friends and I can respond without having to ask them to repeat themselves. Now I respond with the correct answers to their questions!

Norm Manley - Boondall
April 2019

Colin Tretheway


“My New Hearing Aids are Like Magic…”
I’ve been struggling with my hearing in the last few years. My new hearing aids from Ronnie are like magic, I didn’t realise how much attention, detail and adjustment it takes to get my hearing just right. I can 100% recommend Sandgate Hearing.

Colin Tretheway (with wife, Joy) - Scarborough
April 2019

Pat Pacey


“For the first time I can now hear things really well.”
I’d been trying to use my previous hearing aids for the past 10 years and was never happy. For the first time I can now hear things really well. I no longer need my wife to repeat herself constantly. For the first time I can hear distinct words like I’ve never heard them before, especially when watching television. I can hear the words distinctively. Ronnie is absolutely the best audiologist I’ve ever met. I’ve never had so many tests in my life – he is very detailed and thorough. I’m very happy with my new hearing aids and I’m very happy with Sandgate Hearing.

Pat Pacey - Rothwell
Feb 2019

Les Hills


“The difference is amazing!”
What a difference the adjustment made to my hearing aids. The difference is amazing! It’s gone from good to excellent and that has certainly made me very happy. It’s hard to believe that the companies that market the hearing aids won’t adjust them to get the best out of them. No wonder so many people just put their hearing aids in a drawer and never use them. Those companies are only concerned about sales. I am so appreciative of your workmanship and professionalism and I want to let everyone know what a marvellous job you have done. Thanks once again.

Les Hills - Kallangur
Feb 2019

Carolyn Trathen


“I couldn’t ask for anything better!”
I’ve had hearing aids before, but I didn’t really like them. They were not comfortable at all. I’m very happy with the ones I’ve got now from Sandgate Hearing. I couldn’t ask for anything better. My hearing aid is now A1.

Carolyn Trathen - Dakabin
Feb 2019

Hieu Kieu


“If anyone can help you hear better, it’s them!”
Ronnie Lam is the best audiologist I’ve met. He is a kind, friendly and very experienced hearing care professional. He patiently listened to me and resolved my hearing issues. Kathy was very helpful doing the interpretation, because at Sandgate Hearing, they speak 4 languages fluently (English, Vietnamese, Cantonese and Mandarin).
I am so grateful to Ronnie and amazed by how much my hearing has improved and the changes it’s made to my life. I now can listen and talk to my wife easily. Before visiting Ronnie, I struggled with everyday conversations and communication between us was difficult. I strongly recommend Sandgate Hearing. If anyone can help you hear better, it’s them!

Hieu Kieu - Worongary
Feb 2019

Bill Webb


“Only after treatment with Sandgate Hearing do I have hearing that I can use.”
I’ve had hearing problems for many years and I’ve been to various places. Only after treatment with Sandgate Hearing do I now have hearing that I can use. I can almost hear from every direction, which I’m very grateful for. I’m a lot happier being able to hear what people are saying to me.

Bill Webb - Yeronga
Feb 2019

Peter Adair


“I think Sandgate Hearing is a great clinic!”
I think Sandgate Hearing is a great clinic! Ronnie is very efficient and the admin staff are really friendly. I’m very happy with my new hearing aids!

Peter Adair - Taigum
Feb 2019

Bob Collis


“They’re second to none.”

I’m extremely pleased with my new hearing aids and the professional services offered by Sandgate Hearing. They’re second to none. Before I couldn’t hear my wife of 57 years, Bonnie…. And now I can! Thank you Sandgate Hearing.

Bob Collis - Pelican Waters
Jan 2019

David Stagg


“I’ve noticed a significant change in my life.”

I’ve had hearing problems all my life, but 2 years ago my work changed and I found it more difficult to hear. Over the last few weeks I’ve had a free trial of hearing aids from Ronnie at Sandgate Hearing and I’ve noticed a significant change in my life. My wife has noticed a huge difference too. I’m very happy.

David Stagg - Warner
Jan 2019

Bill Bourman


“Now my hearing is excellent.”

I’ve had hearing aids before but I did not wear them. They were uncomfortable and did not look good, plus I couldn’t hear from them. After I heard about Sandgate Hearing I made an appointment and got my hearing sorted out. Now my hearing is excellent. I’ve had these aids from Ronnie now for 12 months and I’m extremely happy with them.

Bill Bourman - Sunnybank
Jan 2019

Rita Sperling


“My mum had struggled for a long time… Then we found Sandgate Hearing.”

My mum had been struggling for a long time with her hearing, especially around groups of people. Then we found Sandgate Hearing. Ronnie was so thorough and professional. Now mum’s hearing is very good and we’re extremely happy. We’d highly recommend anyone with hearing problems to Sandgate Hearing.

Rita Sperling, with daughter Merilyn - Redcliffe
Jan 2019

Douglas Schmidt


“Back in the Loop”

After years of hearing problems, Ronnie brought the sound back. I now enjoy hearing my grandchildren and feel like I belong. After time spent in artillery in Vietnam, my hearing started to vanish and it was all too hard to fix. Then along came Ronnie. Thank you is not enough to express my gratitude for the job you do, Ronnie. Sandgate Hearing is simply the best.

Douglas Schmidt - Burpengary
Jan 2019

Michael Vassilakos


“I Couldn’t be Happier”

Over the last ten years I’ve been to 5 different hearing centres. The last place told me that the hearing aids I’ve been wearing could not be repaired. I had heard about Ronnie at Sandgate Hearing. Within 15 minutes, Ronnie had repaired both of my hearing aids. I couldn’t be happier! I have since introduced my friends to Ronnie. Ronnie is an absolute legend!

Michael Vassilakos - Tingalpa
Jan 2019

Jo Quinn


“I was given many options.”

I’ve been to others, but I feel very comfortable and happy with the friendly service and support I get from Sandgate Hearing. I was given a lot of options and took my time choosing the correct hearing aids. I would highly recommend Sandgate Hearing to anyone who needs a hearing check.

Jo Quinn - Boondall
Jan 2019

Muriel Urquhart


“Always ensures the outcome is suitable for the person.”

I’ve been to other places and was not satisfied. Ronnie is very thorough and caring, and he is very good at what he does. He always ensures the outcome is suitable for the person. I’ve turned my TV volume right down, now that I can hear well, and the ads don’t “blast” at you. My daughter is very happy about that! Last but not least, the staff at Sandgate Hearing are very friendly and understanding.

Muriel Urquhart - Brighton
Sept 2018

Barbara May & Jillian Coustley


“We both had difficulty hearing… Until we saw Ronnie!”

We both have had hearing aids before and still had difficulty hearing, that is – until we came to see Ronnie at Sandgate Hearing! We can both now hear very well and we’re very happy. Kathy is also very friendly and welcoming!

Barbara May, Petrie & Jillian Coustley, Maroochydore
Sept 2018

Lois Grant & Margaret Kerr


“Such a wonderful change.”

We’ve been to other places but this is the most satisfying and such a wonderful change for us! My hearing has improved from 55% to 90% since coming to Sandgate Hearing! We are more than pleased with Ronnie and we can’t thank him enough!

Lois Grant & Margaret Kerr - Rothwell
Sept 2018

Bill Thomas


“We were so impressed…”

After seeing the ad and reading the testimonials in the Redcliffe Guide about Sandgate Hearing, I suggested to my husband that he should give them a try. Bill disliked his hearing aids and we weren’t at all happy with the service provided from the previous hearing centre. We were so impressed with Ronnie at Sandgate Hearing. The clinic is immaculate, the assessment and procedures are excellent and we loved how Ronnie explained everything to us. Bill’s hearing has been so much better since he’s been seeing Ronnie.

Bill Thomas - Newport Waterways
Sept 2018

Margaret Bradshaw


“Couldn’t be happier.”

I couldn’t be happier with the service that Sandgate Hearing provided. Ronnie explained everything really well and gave good options to treat my hearing problems. The staff at Sandgate Hearing were very helpful and friendly. My husband Ross is very satisfied as well.

Margaret Bradshaw - Scarborough
Sept 2018

Darrel Nicol


“I am enjoying life a lot more.”

Over the last 10 years, I’ve been to at least 5 other hearing places, but with Sandgate Hearing, I have instant improvement and I couldn’t be more satisfied. Now I am watching TV again and going to the movies. I am enjoying life a lot more. So far, Sandgate Hearing is the best hearing place I’ve been to.

Darrel Nicol - Bracken Ridge
Dec 2018

Rob Moritz


“I’m hearing much better now.”

“I’m very pleased with the way Ronnie thoroughly checked and reminded me of everything I needed to know in order to operate my hearing aids. I’m hearing much better now and I can hear all my family members, including my grandkids.”

Rob Moritz - Woody Point
Nov 2018

Alex Hamlyn


“I’m so happy!”

These are my first hearing aids and they’re working perfectly. I’m so happy with them and very happy with Ronnie.

Alex Hamlyn - Brighton
Nov 2018

Arnold & Jean Garrick


“Very happy with the services provided.”

We’ve been wearing hearing aids for more than 20 years, and we’ve never been as satisfied as we are now. Ronnie is a true professional and we’re very happy with the services provided by Sandgate Hearing.

Arnold & Jean Garrick - Sandgate
Nov 2018

Yvonne Basaglia


“Great Improvement in My Life…”
Sandgate Hearing provides such wonderful services and Ronnie explains everything thoroughly, with great professionalism. My new hearing aids have made such a great improvement in my life. Ronnie and his staff are such a great team. Well done Sandgate Hearing.

Yvonne Basaglia - Murrumba Downs
Nov 2018

Steph & Mick O’Sullivan


“We’re so happy!”
We’re so happy! Having better hearing has been life changing. Ronnie has been outstanding – we’ve been elsewhere, but the tests were not as detailed or professional. Ronnie was patient and went out of his way to make sure we were comfortable. We’re so glad we found Ronnie at Sandgate Hearing.

Steph & Mick O’Sullivan - Chermside
Oct 2018

David Spann


“The hills are alive with the sound of music!”
… hear… hear… I’m so pleased now that nobody can say things behind my back anymore!

David Spann - Scarborough
Oct 2018

Marjorie Zillman


“Thank you for your help and caring”
I’ve had industrial deafness for many years and hearing aids that weren’t much help for 13 years! After visiting Sandgate Hearing, my life has changed! I now like wearing my hearing aids and I can hear very well. I can hear conversations and the birds around me! Life has been made easier for those around me too. Thanks so much Ronnie.

Marjorie Zillman and Great-Niece Mel - Brighton
Oct 2018

Margaret Mills


“I’m very happy…”
These are my first hearing aids and they’re excellent! Nobody has even noticed I’m wearing them. I find Ronnie very kind and patient and I feel very comfortable with him as he explains everything so well. All in all, it was a very easy process and I’m very happy.

Margaret Mills - Tingalpa
Nov 2018

Desmond Grunwald


“Best hearing aids I’ve ever had”
I’ve had hearing aids for many years, but these ones from Ronnie Lam are the best hearing aids I’ve ever had! I feel so much happier and I’d definitely recommend Sandgate Hearing to anyone with hearing problems.

Desmond Grunwald - Bracken Ridge
July 2018

Rob Ashton


“Professional and honest”
I needed to have a hearing test, which resulted in needing hearing aids. I shopped around and found Sandgate Hearing. I made an appointment with them and found them to be very professional, honest. And as for pricing, their prices are very reasonable and well below most other places. I would highly recommend them to anyone in the future.

Rob Ashton - Wynnum
July 2018

Kevin and Pauline Barron


“My wife is very happy”
I’ve had hearing aids before and I didn’t persevere until I saw Ronnie at Sandgate Hearing. Ronnie really listened and he solved all my hearing problems. Now I can hear really well, no more loud TV! My wife, Pauline, is very happy about that. No more arguments between us either, as our relationship has improved with my better hearing and communication. We’re very happy. It was definitely a good move coming to Sandgate Hearing!

Kevin and Pauline Barron - Boondall
July 2018

John and Hilary Lennon


“Difference in the hearing assessment”
We had hearing aids fitted by another provider. My husband had his aids for many years but because of total lack of service, we decided to change to Ronnie Lam, a local Audiologist here in Sandgate. We were both amazed at the care taken and the difference in the hearing assessment. Ronnie provided us with the best hearing test we have ever experienced. His follow up advice and care is second to none. If you are struggling to hear properly, we would recommend Ronnie Lam from Sandgate Hearing.

John and Hilary Lennon - Sandgate
June 2018

Graham Doyle


“Even my wife is very happy”
Ronnie Lam is the most professional Audiologist I’ve ever met. He explained everything thoroughly and his testing was of the highest standard. I thoroughly recommend him to anyone with a hearing loss. I’m extremely happy with the service provided by Sandgate Hearing and even my wife, Lynn is very happy.

Graham Doyle - Rothwell
June 2018

Lynette Nugent


“This is my first hearing aid”
My doctor referred me to Sandgate Hearing and I am very happy with the service they provided. I found Ronnie amazing – extremely patient, thorough and very detailed. I would recommend him to anyone who has hearing problems.

Lynette Nugent - Bracken Ridge
May 2018

Paul Colthurst


“I can hear so much clearer now….”
I couldn’t be happier with my new hearing aids. Ronnie thoroughly tested all aspects of my hearing and not just my hearing loss. He took the time to explain each test and what he was checking for. I can hear everything so much clearer now. Thank you Ronnie and Kathy for your outstanding professionalism and courtesy.

Paul Colthurst - Brighton
May 2018

Les Bateman


“My confidence has returned”
As a result of getting hearing aids from Sandgate Hearing my confidence in social situations has returned and I no longer feel left out of conversations and discussions. I was very impressed with the detail of the testing and fitting service provided. The aids are so comfortable to wear that I actually want to wear them. My family are also extremely happy that I can hear clearly again.

Les Bateman - Redcliffe
April 2018

Fred Potgieter


I decided on Sandgate Hearing because they’re independent and not tied to any other suppliers or manufacturers. I was pleasantly surprised by Ronnie’s professionalism and the quality of services that I received from him. In addition, the staff at Sandgate Hearing are very pleasant people to deal with. I would without reservation recommend Sandgate Hearing to everyone.

Fred Potgieter - Taigum
April 2018

Chris Palmer


“Tip-top” hearing aid
I found Ronnie & Kathy to be very helpful with providing me with a tip-top hearing aid. I feel years younger! In retrospect, I wish I hadn’t been as loyal to my previous provider. I wasted 2 years not being able to hear very well. Ronnie did not rush me at all. He was very patient & understanding and I would highly recommend Sandgate Hearing to anyone thinking of getting a hearing test and/or replacement hearing aid.

Chris Palmer - Clontarf
April 2018

Terry Baumann


“My wife recommended me to Sandgate Hearing”
I went to some other places and found their services not up to standard and their prices of hearing aids were very high. My wife, Deb, then recommended me to come to Sandgate Hearing as some of the people we know have been to Sandgate Hearing and were happy with the services. I found Ronnie at Sandgate Hearing very caring and thorough, he puts in a lot of time and he goes beyond his duties to make sure everything is working well for me. Very grateful and have recommended him to a few people. So, if you have a hearing loss, Sandgate Hearing is definitely the place to go to.

Terry Baumann - Bracken Ridge
March 2018

Linda & Malcolm McQuattie


“The Most Informative”
We’ve been to so many hearing places over the last 10 years, we’ve lost count. By far, Sandgate Hearing is the best; it is also the most informative. We are now very happy and the service has been impeccable, Ronnie really looked after us.  We have no hesitation in recommending Ronnie to you and we trust him completely.

Linda & Malcolm McQuattie - Bracken Ridge
Feb 2018

Robert Hacon


“My Doctor recommended Ronnie Lam”
I had been to different, larger hearing company for several years before I came to Sandgate Hearing. My doctor recommended Ronnie Lam at Sandgate Hearing. I am now extremely satisfied with the level of service and my hearing aids. I have never been able to hear as well as I can hear now! I am very happy.

Robert Hacon - Julia Creek
March 2018

Michelle Eeles


“After Care is Exceptional”
I have been to a few places before coming to Sandgate Hearing and I’m extremely happy with the services and the quality of products at Sandgate Hearing. After care is exceptional and I’d highly recommend them to everyone!

Michelle Eeles - Brighton
March 2018

Gary Walter


“Being treated like a friend”
These are my first hearing aids and I find them excellent and very useful! Also it’s very nice being treated like a friend at Sandgate Hearing. I find it very encouraging. I would highly recommended Sandgate Hearing to anyone with a hearing loss.

Gary Walter - Cooloola Cove
March 2018

Berend and Lynnette Meertens


“My hearing is now at 95%”
If you want fast & professional service, we would recommend Ronnie Lam at Sandgate Hearing. After receiving my hearing aids from Sandgate Hearing, the difference in what I can now hear without the volume up high & without people repeating things to me is amazing. My hearing is now at 95% which is wonderful. Over many years with another company, I couldn’t hear anything like I can now but unlike them, Ronnie also provides a great follow up program. The cost was very reasonable for the service & the product you get is of a very high standard. Thank you.

Berend and Lynnette Meertens - Strathpine
March 2018

Ivan Taylor


“Very happy with my hearing aids”
Full marks for friendly, professional service, state-of-the-art assessment and detailed explanation of results and options. Very happy with my new hearing aids and follow-up service.

Ivan Taylor (with wife Lorraine) - Mansfield
March 2018

Lorna Leigh


“Hearing well at birthday”
My 85 year old mother Lorna, has had hearing issues for a long time. I recently made her an appointment at Sandgate Hearing. Ronnie took the time to explain all the testing procedures to my mum. She received her new hearing aids in time for a family birthday function where she was able to hear, understand and communicate with everyone there.

Madonna Whillans, Daughter of Lorna Leigh - Sandgate
Jan 2018

June Appo


“My son took me to the right people”
These are my first hearing aids and I’m very happy with them! I find Ronnie very patient, detailed and takes the time to explain everything to me very clearly. I’m extremely happy with the services at Sandgate Hearing. My son, Mark, recommended me to Sandgate Hearing and I couldn’t be happier.

June Appo - Thulimbah
Feb 2018

Julie Aquilina


“I’ve never had such thorough testing”
Excellent service and care! I have never had such thorough tests done. Ronnie is a wealth of knowledge and took the time to undertake a multitude of tests and ensure my aids were programmed correctly for my needs. Ronnie and Kathy are absolute gems and the service they provide is certainly a breathe of fresh air after dealing with some of the bigger name providers over the years. I highly recommend Sandgate Hearing.

Julie Aquilina - Boondall
Jan 2018

Abida Armstrong


“Great encouragement…”
I’m very happy. Especially with the services. I’ve been to other hearing places, but I didn’t persevere…. But with Ronnie’s great encouragement, it’s given me a new lease on life! I didn’t realise how bad my hearing was. Now I’m wearing my new aids everyday.

Abida Armstrong - Keperra
Jan 2018

John Finglas


“My hearing aid remote microphone helps me hear my family better”
I’m very happy with the services at Sandgate Hearing. I find Ronnie is very detailed and easy to understand.

John Finglas and Norah - Bracken Ridge
Dec 2017

Dell Sweatman


“My old aids performed badly on music”
I have changed my hearing aids and my hearing is now very good. The background noises have significantly reduced at the music concerts I have recently attended. The clarity of the sounds and the speech is very good. As for Ronnie Lam, I’d give him an A+ for his professional services.

Dell Sweatman - Sandgate
Dec 2017

Ted Sanders


“Convenient location”
So comforting to be able to hear, it’s a great satisfaction, a very consoling experience to feel like I almost have normal hearing.

Ted Sanders - Bracken Ridge
Oct 2017

Maxine Berry


“Very professional”
Very happy with Sandgate Hearing! My new hearing aids are spot-on! I can hear very well now. Thanks.

Maxine Berry - Banyo
Oct 2017

Maurice & Sheila Pinniger


“What excellent care”
My hearing now is just brilliant and I cannot recommend Sandgate Hearing highly enough.

Maurice & Sheila Pinniger - Taigum
Nov 2017

Lorraine Andersen


“My Doctor referred me to see Ronnie”
I’d been struggling with bad hearing for a long time. Recently my doctor referred me to see Ronnie at Sandgate Hearing. Ronnie did several hearing tests and I found him to be very thorough. His explanations were easy to follow and understand. Now I have a pair of hearing aids, I feel more confident and I can hear so much better. I’d recommend Ronnie to anyone with hearing issues.

Lorraine Andersen - Bald Hills
Feb 2020

Chandra Irvin


“Thorough and Honest”
Ronnie at Sandgate Hearing is extremely thorough and honest. I’ve been to other places in the past and I’d say he is the best audiologist I’ve met. He does more tests, works out what’s best for me and is very ethical. I’d recommend him to anyone with any degree of hearing loss.

Chandra Irvin - Redcliffe
Feb 2020

John Wilkes


“A Whole New World of Hearing”
I’ve had hearing problems for years and for most of that time I have relied on one company for advice and supply of hearing devices. A change of GP brought a recommendation to Sandgate Hearing. I found myself in a whole new world of hearing. Problems that I took for granted seemed to disappear. With a hearing aid brand more suited to my problems cam sounds I had lost for years. Ronnie, thank you for my new found life.

John Wilkes - Zillmere
Dec 2019

Leonard Swanson


“What a Difference!”
Wow! What a difference! Thank you Ronnie, I don’t have to keep saying “pardon” anymore. Better watch what you say in future, because I can hear everything! Make it easy on yourself, visit Ronnie at Sandgate Hearing.

Leonard Swanson - Redcliffe
March 2020

Lorraine Swan


“I am very happy!”
I am very happy with Ronnie. He has changed my life by the way he has taken care of me and my hearing. Now I can hear my friends and family, and I am able to join in conversations. I’ve met other people who have been to Ronnie, and they too are very pleased with their results.

Lorraine Swan - Bracken Ridge
June 2020

Malcolm and Nyrelle Flack


“With the arrival of my new granddaughter, I realised I needed to improve my hearing.”

I’ve had hearing issues for a long time. With the arrival of my new granddaughter, I realised I needed to improve my hearing. I now have a new set of hearing aids and I’m extremely happy with them. Nyrelle my wife is very happy as she doesn’t have to continually repeat herself. I’d recommend Sandgate Hearing to anyone with hearing loss.

Malcolm and Nyrelle Flack - Boondall
July 2020

Joan Scott


“The sounds are great…”

I’ve had hearing aids for about 3 years but couldn’t cope with them. Now that I’ve been to Ronnie at Sandgate Hearing and have new aids, I’m so happy. The sounds are great and I’m hearing a lot more things – like the TV, the birds, the clock ticking and the people around me. I can now hear my 11-year-old grandson a lot better which I’m very pleased about. I previously had to ask him to repeat himself which frustrated him and he’d say “it doesn’t matter…” These new aids are so comfortable that I sometimes go to bed forgetting I’m wearing them. I’d recommend anyone with a hearing loss to go see Ronnie.

Joan Scott – Taigum
August 2020

Freda Thompson


Extremely Informative

A friend recommended I go to Sandgate Hearing where I found Ronnie to be extremely informative and very easy to understand. He explained the intricacies of the hearing aids with extreme care. I have enjoyed the whole experience and would recommend Ronnie to anyone.

Freda Thompson - Brighton
August 2020

Keith Brandt (& wife Judy)


“Now I can hear so much better…”

I’ve had hearing problems for almost 40 years and it was slowly getting worse. I’ve been to a number of audiologists and Ronnie Lam is the first person to give me a clear picture of what’s going on with my hearing, and give me a set of hearing aids that actually address my hearing problems. Now I can hear so much better, not only at home but also at my volunteering work, which involves a lot of meetings. Social interactions with family and friends have greatly improved compared to before.

Keith Brandt (& wife Judy) – South Ripley
July 2020

Michael Geary


Exceeds Expectations

Two things led me to purchase my hearing aids from Sandgate Hearing. First – they were much cheaper for the same products I had purchased elsewhere. Second – Ronnie is so thorough in his testing and setting up of the hearing aids. You get a cheaper yet personally tailored product that exceeds expectations.

Michael Geary - Brighton
September 2020

Craig Payne


“Your life will change.”  

I’ve had hearing problems most of my life, hereditary plus industrial. I put up with it for as long as I could. Recently I went to see Ronnie at Sandgate Hearing and he made a tremendous difference to my life. My wife is happy and now I don’t annoy anyone as I can hear what people are saying. We recommend seeing Ronnie at Sandgate hearing if you have a hearing issue because you won’t look back… Your life will change.

Craig Payne – Minden
August 2020

Joseph Harrison


“He transformed my hearing…”

I found going to Ronnie at Sandgate Hearing was a real transforming experience. Previously, I’d been to a few different audiologists and was quite disappointed. I didn’t feel they had my best interests at heart and my hearing suffered for many years. I found Ronnie extremely thorough in all aspects and the hearing aids he recommended are the best ones I’ve ever had. I’d highly recommend Ronnie to anyone with hearing issues. He transformed my hearing.

Joseph Harrison - Deception Bay
August 2020

Elsie Condrin


“I’m very happy with Sandgate Hearing.”

These are the most comfortable hearing aids that I’ve ever head and I’ve been wearing hearing aids for almost 20 years. I find Ronnie easy to talk to and he explains everything to me clearly. He gave me options of hearing aids which I haven’t had before. I’m very happy with Sandgate Hearing.

Elsie Condrin - Bald Hills
October 2020