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In this page, we answer you the most common questions. Call us and talk to our friendly staff about your hearing needs. If it is necessary, you may need to see our experienced audiologist to examine your hearing system and provide individual treatment advice.

  • What should I do if I feel my ear is blocked?
  • Hearing screening test vs comprehensive hearing test.
  • How do I buy the best hearing aid?
  • Why does it matter where I buy the hearing aid?
  • How much does a hearing aid cost? Will I be put under pressure?

What should I do if I feel my ear is blocked?

Visit our office. We use an otoscope to examine your ear. If the problem is due to earwax blockage, we will recommend earwax microsuction. This is a safe and quick procedure to remove earwax. If no earwax was observed, we provide a middle ear function test or another hearing test to find out the underlying cause which may have contributed to the symptom. If an active ear infection or other abnormalities were observed, we will discuss this with you and inform your GP if necessary.

ear microsuction | ear wax suction

Hearing screening test vs comprehensive hearing test

Hearing screening is free on our online website. The test uses your own computer speaker or earphones to measure your hearing levels. It provides a rough estimate about your hearing levels. This test has limited diagnostic value.

A comprehensive hearing test not only provides detailed hearing levels in each ear, it accurately give us information about the location and the nature of the hearing loss. The results allow us to understand your middle ear functions and inner ear hair cell functions, such as water accumulation inside your ear and any hearing nerve damage.

Pensioners and DVA clients are entitled to comprehensive hearing test at no cost.

How do I buy the best hearing aid?

Firstly, find a trusted audiologist who can tell you if you really need hearing aids. Having a hearing loss doesn’t necessarily mean you need hearing aids. There are many factors, such as the percentage of hearing loss, your age, lifestyle and dexterity issues that determine whether or not hearing aids are right for you.

If you do need hearing aids, where do you purchase them? Most big box hearing retailers have preference in choosing hearing aid suppliers. There are pros and cons in choosing either an independent hearing clinic or a nation-wide hearing aid provider. However, in my own opinion, I would choose a place where you can see the same practitioner every time you go. Prefer a passionate, caring and knowledgeable audiologist who is happy to explain the information and answer your questions.  At an appointment, bring a family member with you to help you understand the information.  Be honest to tell the audiologist your thoughts so that the audiologist will include your needs into consideration. It is okay if you prefer a fully subsidised government hearing aids or  budget hearing aids. An ethical hearing aid practitioner should provide the same level of service no matter how much the hearing aid costs. Look for a hearing clinic with excellent client reviews.

Finally, buying hearing aids online is not recommended. Allowing the audiologist to help select your aids and program them to your needs, will save you time and money. The hearing aid price at our clinic is comparable to most online hearing aid shops. Choosing the right hearing aid for yourself is a difficult task. There are over a dozen manufacturers and many more hearing aid models, all having different strengths and weaknesses. Only the audiologist who is fitting hearing aids daily can have the confidence to recommend the right device for you. Online sellers either provide no programming or only a basic pre-programming service. Why would you accept a hearing aid working at 70-90% of its ability while paying full price?  Additionally, you can arrange a hearing aid trial with our hearing clinic before purchasing the hearing aids. Hearing aid performance drifts over time, so it is important to have a local audiologist who can provide a quick repair and tune up service.

Why does it matter where I buy the hearing aid?

Buying a hearing aid is NOT like buying a TV. Purchasing the most expensive hearing aid does not guarantee the best hearing aid to help you hear well. A proper-fitted hearing aid can out-perform an expensive hearing aid which is poorly programmed. It comes down to the professional advice on selecting a suitable hearing aid style, the right features for your type of hearing loss, and the design of the earmould and tubing system. There are a number of programming methods available for audiologist to choose. The programming method will determine the hearing aid amplification on the incoming speech. Selecting the hearing aid prescriptive method plays a big role in the hearing aid’s sound quality. Therefore, a careful and attentive audiologist who takes time to fit and adjust hearing aids correctly will give you a much better chance of success.

How much does a hearing aid cost? Will I be put under pressure?

For pensioners and DVA clients, fully subsidised good quality hearing aids are available at no cost to the client. For non-government clients, a good quality hearing aid starts at $1250/aid. Pensioners and DVA clients can access the most sophisticated hearing aid with a gap payment. Some clients are entitled to receive rebate from their private health insurance company. We have heard clients being put under pressure to purchase hearing aids from the previous provider. We do not endorse this practice. Our business model focuses on helping our customers get the best value hearing aids with the best possible outcomes. We give our customers clear pricing and they can choose the aid they want.

“..Sandgate Hearing is different. Excellent knowledge, advice and service. The technology of the product recommended was of a high standard and very affordable.” (Stephen Rixon)

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