Online Hearing Check

How’s your hearing? Take a free Online Hearing Test here.

With this online hearing test you can find out if you may have problems with your hearing.

The online hearing test can only determine whether you could possibly have problems with your hearing.

The test is not a real professional hearing test.

Here are the difference between our professional hearing test and hearing screening test.

Professional TestScreening Test
Hearing levels9-10 frequencies3-5 frequenies
Test for eardrumYesNo
Test for middle ear boneYesNo
Test for Inner ear hair cellYesNo
Earwax/Ear Canal Health inspectionYesNo
Hearing Clarity MeasureYesNo
Speech-in-noise testYesNo
Differential diagnosisYesNo
Information for tinnitus assessmentYesNo
Information for rehabilitation such as Hearing Aid AmplificationYesNo

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online hearing test

Are You Ready For a Professional Hearing Test?

For adult pensioners/DVA client, the assessment fee is $0 (Free). However, other clients, the assessment fee is $98.  Further private health insurance rebate/Medicare Chronic Disease Management Plan rebate may be available.

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