Professional Custom Made Ear Plugs

ReSound have a number of custom made musicians earplugs options available to protect your ears without distorting the quality of music or sound.

ReSound Communication Earplugs

ReSound Communication EarplugsThe ReSound range of communication earpieces are flexible to fit a wide range of devices such as iPods, mobile telephones, security radios, in-ear monitors and MP3 players.

Customised earpieces are made to fit an ear canal shape and size perfectly. This custom secure fit is not only comfortable, but it also allows for the earpiece to reduce outside noise while enhancing and delivering crystal clear sound and voice directly into your ear. The result is great sound quality with noise reduction.

Suitable for:

iPod users / Security Guards /Newsreaders / Theatre personnel / Motor Sports

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ReSound Musicians Earplugs

ReSound Musician EarplugsSound exposure to excessive noise through music can cause hearing loss depending on the intensity and duration of the noise. Hearing Protection should be based on the intensity level, duration and type of noise you are being exposed to.

ReSound Musicians Earplugs HearSavers are designed to reduce the overall sound dosage without compromising the music quality.

Our specialised acoustic filters can reduce sound without distorting the integrity of the sound.

Suitable for:

Musicians / Dentists / Chefs / Sound crews / DJ’s / Bands / Orchestras / Concert Goers / Night club staff and patrons

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ReSound Industrial Noise Earplugs

ReSound Industrial Noise EarplugsReSound Solid HearSavers work to protect your hearing against loud outside noise. Suitable for industrial workers, builders, construction workers, military / aircraft operators and loud concert goers

Suitable for:

Construction workers, factory worker

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ReSound Swim Earplugs

ReSound Swim EarplugsReSound Water Protectors are earmoulds specifically designed to protect the ear from water during activities such as swimming and surfing. They assist with the prevention of ear disease and infection, and reduce common irritations that are associated with water sports

Suitable for:

Swimming, shower, water sport

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ReSound Sleep Earplugs

ReSound Sleep EarplugsReSound Sleep Plugs are ear moulds specifically designed for you to have a quiet and comfortable sleep. They can also be used for studying on the train or airplane.

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