How to achieve over 90% Satisfaction for hearing aid?

We are different from other hearing aid clinics

“The hearing test here is very different and detailed! (Terry Baker, aged 68)”
“What excellent care. My hearing now is just brilliant. (Maurice & Sheila Pinniger)

Sandgate Hearing do not use factory default settings. We are a science based, evidence based hearing practice operated by an audiologist. Our programming reflects your age, the nature of hearing loss and acoustic difference of your own ear shape. As an independent hearing aid clinic, with no agreement with any suppliers, we choose the best possible hearing devices from a widest range of technology. We always recommend the best value device for you. Unlike some national-wide hearing clinics, we keep our business overhead low and pass the benefit to our clients. For the very best premium hearing aid product, we offer discount of 30%-40% on some competitors.

Other benefits our hearing aid clinic offers:

  • Free two weeks hearing aid trial. 100% guarantee satisfactory or money back policy.
  • Effective protocol to help people previously has limited benefit from hearing aid fitting.
  • Experience in programming tinnitus masker effectively reduce tinnitus perception
  • Include Speech-in-Noise test and Verify hearing aid programming using speech stimulus.