Hearing Test Brisbane| Why We Are Different?

We understand that where you go for a hearing test in brisbane can determine your hearing outcomes. How much you will pay vary from place to place. The final hearing outcome affect your communication with your family and friends in many years to come. Therefore, we take hearing assessment very seriously. Sandgate Hearing do not recommend screening test as you see in shopping centres.

We follow a comprehensive testing protocol like you will experience in a well-established hospital. We investigate your auditory structures, auditory sensitivity, speech clarity and hearing performance in noise. For client with tinnitus symptoms, we include tinnitus severity questionnaire, tinnitus pitch matching test. Client with hyperacusis (hypersensitive to certain sounds), we perform uncomfortable loudness measures to understand their underlying issues.

Our audiologist determine to stay as an independent practitioner. Our work and recommendation are 100% honest and will not be under any commercial consideration.

All the tests are performed in the highest quality soundproof room. If earwax is discovered in the beginning of assessment, we have the expertise to deal with the earwax problem.

Referrals are welcome but are not necessary to make an appointment. We accept all referrals.

We can arrange the hearing test report to be send to your doctor by Medical Object secure messaging system.

Free Screening Test Available?

Sandgate Hearing provide FREE comprehensive hearing test service for adult pensioners*. We do NOT provide hearing screening test that you may see in chemists or shopping centers. We understanding those noisy environment is hard to meet the low ambient noise level requirements and it provides very limited clinical value in diagnosis. A number of clinics use hearing screening test to promote the business and to increase the sale of hearing aids. We collect accurate and comprehensive information so that our clients have a full picture of their hearing status. It helps us decide the treatment if necessary.

Paediatric Hearing Assessment

Comprehensive paediatric hearing assessment is available for children aged 3 and older
child hearing test

How Much?

For adult pensioners/DVA client, the assessment fee is $0 (Free). However, other clients, the assessment fee is $108.  Further private health insurance rebate/Medicare Chronic Disease Management Plan rebate may be available.

The only way to find out what causes your hearing problem is a comprehensive hearing test in Brisbane, please click here to arrange an appointment.

“The hearing test here is very different and detailed!” (Terry Baker, aged 68)