Hearing aid repair

We perform minor repair on site. In most cases, you will have the hearing aid back at the same working day. If the damage is severe, we require a few more days for the repair to be completed. A temporary loan hearing aid can be arranged. The loan hearing aid help you hear your family and friends.

If you are unsure about your hearing aid condition, bring your hearing aid(s) to our office. We can perform a hearing aid health check, including hearing aid cleaning service for you. It is advised to call us in advance. We allocate enough time to inspect your device properly.

Tel: 07 3603 1370

Reshell hearing aid             Repair earmould

Repair broken speaker      Repair battery door

Repair removal cord

Improve sound quality and reduce noise by performing hearing check and hearing aid reprogramming

The Mark V hearing aid vacuum chamber dries hearing aid within three minutes. The powerful suction pump removes debris and wax from your hearing aid in no time.


Maintenance tips

To ensure you are getting the best sounds out of your hearing aids, each part of the amplification system needs to be cared for and properly maintained.

If you are wondering your hearing aids may not be working properly. Please follow these three steps:

1. Check if your battery is dead. If you are not sure, please replace a new battery. Make sure the battery compartment is closed.

2. Do you have a wax filter in your hearing aids? or earmould?  You could have a earwax problem with the earmould/tubing/wax filter. Please replace the wax filter, or remove the wax and moisture from the earmould.

3. If the problem persist, please bring your device to our clinic for further inspection.