What Clients say about Us….

“Thank God for Ronnie…”

“I’ve had hearing aids before but they didn’t perform to the standard that they were supposed to, so I didn’t really use them. With my new aids from Ronnie, I wear them constantly and I love the fact that they are rechargeable. My quality of hearing has improved drastically and I can actually hear my brother talking now, which I haven’t heard properly in the last 18 years. Thank God for Ronnie.”

Bruce Sommerville – Bracken Ridge
Jan 2020

““Hear the grandkids.”

“I can hear everybody a lot better now. General conversations at home are a lot clearer. I can hear the grandkids a lot clearer…and my son, my daughter.. including a work colleague who I couldn’t hear before. I am very happy with the services at Sandgate Hearing…”

Terry Baker, Arundel
Sep 2017

“Luxury TV Headphones”

“I’m very happy with Sandgate Hearing. Put me back in touch with my family, just in time for my granddaughter!”

Joy Hogan, Deagon
Oct 2017

“New ears”

“It’s absolutely wonderful! Now that I have my ‘new ears’ I feel much more confident and I am able to enjoy life more. After a complete and comprehensive hearing test, they sugggest only what you need and what fits your budget. With all their latest diagnostic equipment and training, you’ll be glad you went with them. It is so refreshing to find professionals who really care.”

Mark Dackevics, Clontarf
Oct 2017