Mini Dri-Aid


Hal-Hen Mini Dri-Aid Hearing Aid Dehumidifier

Helps to secure longer life and continuous efficiency for hearing aids. Moisture is the enemy of all hearing aids. Dampness, humidity and body moisture reduce their sensitivity, shorten battery life and causes corrosion. Where moisture conditions are excessive, the sensitive microphone and receiver may even become inoperable. Mini Dri-Aid™ effectively remove daily accumulation of moisture in hearing aids, earmolds and tubing. Hal-Hen® Dri-Aid™ works as the user sleeps. Before retiring for the evening, place hearing aid inside jar on top of the foam pad and close cover securely. Hal-Hen® Dri-Aid™ starts working immediately to remove harmful moisture. Remove the next day when ready to use. Hal-Hen® Mini Dri-Aid™ helps prevent damage due to excessive moisture.

The drying agent used in Hal-Hen® Mini Dri-Aid™ can be rejuvenated in a standard oven. The special indicator tells you when.

Hal-Hen® Mini Dri-Aid™ protects all types of hearing aids: eyeglass, body, BTE and ITE.