We Are Different!

Our hearing assessment is detailed, accurate and comprehensive.

We use a clinical audiometer, tympanometer, DPOAE measurement device and video otoscopy to determine your outer ear, middle ear and inner ear abnormality. All the tests are performed in the highest quality soundproof room available, big enough to fit in a whole family, if required. We conduct a speech test in a quiet environment to understand how the hearing performed in a normal situation. If you experience difficulty hearing in noisy environment, we can perform an additional speech-in-noise test to find out if your hearing is affected by background noises.

Referrals are welcome but are not necessary to make an appointment. We accept all referrals.

Free Screening Test Available?

We do NOT provide free face-to-face hearing screening test that you may see in chemists or shopping centers. We understanding those noisy environment is hard to meet the low ambient noise level requirements and it provides very limited clinical value in diagnosis. A number of clinics use hearing screening test to promote the business and to increase the sale of hearing aids. We performs proper hearing test. We collect accurate and comprehensive information so that our clients have a full picture of their hearing status. It helps us decide the treatment if necessary.

Paediatric Hearing Assessment

Comprehensive paediatric hearing assessment is available for children aged 3 and older

How Much?

For adult pensioners/DVA client, the assessment fee is $0 (Free). However, other clients, the assessment fee is $98.  Further private health insurance rebate/Medicare Chronic Disease Management Plan rebate may be available.

“The hearing test here is very different and detailed!” (Terry Baker, aged 68)