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Your decision will determine your hearing outcomes and how much you spend

“My cardiac surgeon is one of the best in Queensland. I have been seeing him for the past 15 years. He moved out of town but I still follow up. I choose him because of his experience, his patient outcomes and his reputation. Amazingly his consultation fee is lower than other cardiologist which I visited before”

When you choose your audiologist, are you going to choose anyone from a shop? Are you believe that a free hearing test is the same as comprehensive hearing test which an experienced audiologist relies on? Is the shop offer you the same audiologist for every visits?


Best Brand hearing aid 

“There is no best brand for hearing aids. Different brands focus on different aspects of hearing, some perform better than the other for each individual. If you check your hearing test results against the product specification, it appears that you can freely choose anyone from a range of hearing aid style. In fact, our over 20 years daily experience tell us some hearing aid styles will waste your time. Certain style  work better than the other.  Finally, how the hearing aid is programmed can make a big different. The sound quality of the same top-of-the line hearing aid prescribed from this provider can be very different from another provider. Even two different audiologists from the same company can set the hearing aid vastly different. It is all come down to the individual tailoring by the audiologist.


Performance Target

Some hearing clinic may have an overall performance target which expect the clinician to achieve.  Some hearing clinic has preferred brand of hearing aids due to the lower device cost.

Our business model allows us to 100% focus on the patient benefit, no sale target. Our biggest reward is your good hearing. We are local independent audiologist. Our business build on client’s recommendation. Our business overhead is low and we can pass the saving of 30%-40% discount to our clients. Our audiologist often uses “good value for price” approach on recommending hearing aids. Premium hearing aid will be offered if the additional features meet the patient’s requirement.


Our Science Base Approach

We do not program the hearing aids using the manufacturer recommended settings. We understanding the assumptions on the setting calculation may not be accurate. Therefore we perform insitu-audiometry, feedback calibration, real-ear measurement, speech mapping and functional test to help us get the best sounds out of your hearing aids.

My advice would be to look for customer reviews, speak to several different audiologists and consider not only price/convenience.

Join us. We are looking forward to see you become one of our happy customers!

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“I’ve had hearing aids before but they didn’t perform. With my new aids from Ronnie, I can actually hear my brother talking now, which I haven’t heard properly in the last 18 years” (Bruce Sommerville)