“Choosing the right hearing clinic is one of the most important decisions which can determine your hearing in the next couple of years.” (Audiologist from Sandgate Hearing)

How Do We Save Your Money?

Our hearing aid works, or your money back* policy:

Did you know people invest a lot of money on their hearing aids but they are not satisfactory? In some cases, they never wear them. In Sandgate Hearing, we guarantee you will pay hearing aids at discounted price and they will perform well.


Save money by having a professional hearing test:

Some clinics offer free hearing tests but their hearing aid prices are higher. Sandgate Hearing offers professional hearing tests and our hearing aid prices are lower. Overall having a professional hearing test with us may save you thousands of dollars. Our hearing test is free for adult pensioners and veterans.


Pass big saving to clients:

Our business model allows us to keep expenses and running costs low. In addition, we do not need to share profits to shareholders and a parent company. Therefore, we can offer up to 30-35% discount on some hearing aid models.


We never use hearing aid factory settings:

Hearing aid programming is a mixture of science and experience, taking into account of the age, gender, lifestyles and different brands of device characteristics. It takes extra times to perform additional tests, such as speech mapping and real-ear measurement. We make sure your device offers you the best value.

“I’ve had hearing aids before but they didn’t perform. With my new aids from Ronnie, I can actually hear my brother talking now, which I haven’t heard properly in the last 18 years” (Bruce Sommerville)