When do you need to arrange hearing test for your child?

If you, your child’s teacher or the family doctor is concerned about your child’s hearing, it’s time to see an audiologist for a comprehensive hearing test. There are other signs that may indicate hearing loss, such as:

Your child…..

  • experienced speech delays or has unresolved speech problem
  • complains on a regular basis that he or she cannot hear family members or the teacher
  • watch television or listen to music at an abnormally high volume
  • talks loudly
  • complains of earaches and/or hears noises in his/her ears.

In some cases, the signs are vague and you will have to follow your parental instincts to make a decision.

How to test your child hearing?

Sandgate Hearing offers hearing assessment services for children 3 years old and older. The hearing test takes approximately 30 mins to complete. To understand the nature and the causes of your child’s hearing loss, we follow the transmission sound path from the outer ear to the brain. We use different tests to determine at what stage of the sound path an interruption occurs and determine possible causes.

Outer Ear Video Otoscopy/Microscopy
Middle ear Tympanometry
Inner Ear Otoacoustic Emission
Detection of Very Soft Signal Pure Tone Audiometry
Speech Understanding Speech Audiometry

How untreated hearing loss affect your child?

Children with untreated hearing loss may experiences:

  • delays in speech and language development
  • communication issues
  • delays in cognitive skills development.

It is not uncommon for these effects to lead to isolation, low self-esteem, learning difficulties and behavioural problems.

Our audiologist can identify any potential hearing problem your child may have. A full report will be sent to your doctor with recommendations for treatment If needed.

*Please note: Medicare rebates are available from an ENT/Neurologist referral, or from a GP through a Chronic Disease Management Plan (CDM) only.