Hearing aids

Can Make Life Easier

We are often asked, “What is the best hearing aid?”  “Which one should I get?”

Unfortunately there is no the best hearing aid. All the hearing aids are manufactured with different strengths. Every client has a different degree of hearing loss, a different lifestyle and different needs. In addition, the hearing aid technology is constantly evolving and new technology is released every few months.  We understand choosing the appropriate hearing aid is one of the most important steps in the process. Choosing a generic style or technology will limit what the audiologist can do for you now and in the future.  During this important process, we always discuss with our clients their expectations, any special needs, their general health, age related conditions and other factors that may affect their hearing now and into the future.

Sandgate Hearing is an independent clinic. We have access to contemporary, high quality hearing aids with the most up-to-date technology from different manufacturers.  Based on our experiences, we can guide you to find the right hearing aid for you.

If there’s a particular hearing aid brand and model you want,  let us help you acquire it at our special prices. We offer three years manufacturer warranty and 12 months local support services.

Most people do not know the differences between the large range of hearing aid brands. Each manufacturer does their own research and design (R&D) and applies their findings onto their products, such as speech and noise processing software, waterproof features, rechargable technology and accessory communication. Over the years, hearing aid products are getting smaller, more powerful, more intelligent, getting closer to the natural sounds that normal hearing people hear every day. Let us help you choose the right hearing aid for you.

At Sandgate Hearing, you can access the latest technology from North America and European brands.


  • Virto B Titanium, Virto V, Bolero B, Audeo B and Tao

Find out more about AUDEO B / AUDEO BR (NEW)


  • Moxi, Stride, Max and Quantum

Signia (Known as Siemens)

  • Motion Primax, Silk Primax, Insio Primax, Ace Primax, Carat Prima, Pure Prima, Cellion

Find out more about Silk Primax

Sonic Innovation

  • Enchant and Cheer

Find out more about Enchant


  • Halo 2, Muse 2, Z Series


  • Passion, Fashion and Fusion


  • Opn, Alta 2, Nera 2, Ria 2

Sandgate Hearing maintains a close relationship with the manufacturers to get the best prices for our customers. Our business model also keeps the overheads low, so we can offer our customers the highest quality hearing aid at an affordable price.

Essential Level hearing aid from $940/aid

Mid-range hearing aid from $1640/aid

High-end hearing aid from $1840/aid

Premium hearing aid from $3240/aid

There are many questions you may have. We can answer them and any other concerns you have when we see you in person.

  • Can I have invisible hearing aids?
  • I am afraid to become dependable on the aids.
  • What happen if I lost my hearing aid/aids?
  • Will I hear a lot of background noises through the hearing aids?
  • What help is available if I don’t want to wear hearing aids?
  • Which brand and which model of hearing aids suit me the best?