LiSN-S Central Auditory Processing Assessment

Some children may have normal hearing sensitivity, however their parents or teachers may notice that they still experience difficulties hearing. Speech understanding is a complex process which involves peripheral auditory system and central auditory processing system. Our Central Auditory processing assessment involves a peripheral hearing assessment and tests for central auditory processing system.

The benchmark in speech-in-noise testing, LISN-S, with its four steps, assesses the ability of individuals with normal hearing to understand speech when there is noise coming from different directions.

The inability to use spatial information has been found to be a leading cause of auditory processing disorder (APD). LiSN-S enables hearing care professionals to assess individuals with normal hearing in a range of different noise environments. LiSN-S is quick to administer, and has high test-retest reliability. LISN-S have been developed by Dr. Sharon Cameron and Dr. Harvey Dillon of National Acoustic Laboratories of Australia (NAL).

The appointment lasts around 2 hours. We discuss the results and make appropriate recommendations immediately after testing is completed.Following the appointment a comprehensive medical report is sent, which would include appropriate strategies to address auditory processing deficits, if found. Central Auditory Processing Assessment is suitable for children aged 7 years and older only.

Referrals are welcome but are not necessary to make an appointment.