“The hearing test here is very different and detailed! (Terry Baker, aged 68)”…

Sandgate Hearing takes hearing tests to a new level

Not all hearing clinics are the same.

Choosing the right hearing clinic is probably one of the most important decisions you will make to improve your hearing. Sandgate Hearing is a science based, evidence based hearing practice operated by an independent audiologist.

Our Methods

Otoacoustic Emission Measures:

Inner ear hair cells are responsible for converting sound waves into electrical nerve impulses. By stimulating the cochlear simultaneously with two pure tone frequencies, a special response will be generated by the inner hair cells. The test allows us to understand the hair cell condition along the cochlear. Many audiologists with diagnostic experience include this test as part of their testing protocol.

Speech-In-Noise Test:

Most hearing test procedures are performed in a quiet room. To understand your hearing system’s efficiency in background noises, the Etymotic Research’s Quick Speech-in-noise test can give us a scientific answer on how well you can hear outside our clinic. Most importantly, the results help us to find the right solutions for your hearing problems. Many hearing clinics perform speech test only in a quiet environment, not in noise.

Speech Mapping:

As part of the hearing aid fitting and verification process, we program and adjust hearing aids using the  new Speech Mapping technique. A small microphone is placed in front of your eardrum to check and verify that the sounds are actually delivered to your ear the way it should be. By using this technique, we can see the hearing aid in action on a screen in real time. We then place the amplified speech within your hearing range. Many hearing clinics perform an older version of real-ear measurement for hearing aid verification.

Why Choose An Independent Audiologist?

It is important to find a local audiologist who you can trust, giving you honest recommendations, highlighting both the advantages and disadvantages across a wide range of hearing aids and other listening devices. Independent audiologists have lower overhead expenses, meaning they can offer their clients outstanding prices on hearing aids while still delivering excellent services. Independent audiologists  don’t have huge marketing budgets. They understand their success depend on their reputation and their  happy clients. Two UK surveys  in 2014 and 2016 on customers’ experiences of purchasing hearing aids assessed the hearing centers on their level of service, pricing, the staff knowledge and the quality of their testing facilities. The figures in 2014 showed independent providers rated the highest with a score of 84% compared to the three major, large organisations scoring 62%-69%. The survey was repeated in 2016, similar results showing the independent audiologists coming out on top again in all areas.

What our clients say

“I can hear everybody a lot better now. General conversations at home are a lot clearer. I can hear the grandkids a lot clearer…and my son, my daughter.. including a work colleague who I couldn’t hear before. I am very happy with the services at Sandgate Hearing…” – Terry Baker

“I’m very happy with Sandgate Hearing. Put me back in touch with my family, just in time for my granddaughter!” – Joy Hogan (Deagon)

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