What Clients Say About Us....

“My hearing aid remote microphone help me hear family better”
I’m very happy with the services at Sandgate Hearing. I find Ronnie is very detailed and easy to understand.

John Finglas and Norah, Bracken Ridge
Dec 2017

“My old aids performed badly on music”
I have changed my hearing aids. My hearing is now very good. The background noises have significantly reduced at the music concerts I have recently attended. The clarity of the sounds and the speech is very good. As for Ronnie Lam, I’d give him an A+ for his professional services.

Dell Sweatman, Sandgate
Dec 2017

“Convenient location”
So comforting to be able to hear, it’s a great satisfaction, a very consoling experience to feel like I almost have normal hearing.

Ted Sanders, Bracken Ridge
Oct 2017
hearing aids

“Very professional”
Very happy with Sandgate Hearing! My new hearing aids are spot-on! I can hear very well now. Thanks.

Maxine Berry, Banyo
Oct 2017
best hearing aids

“What excellent care”
My hearing now is just brilliant and I cannot recommend Sandgate Hearing highly enough.

Maurice & Sheila Pinniger, Taigum
Nov 2017
hearing aids cost

“Fabulous Pricing”
Thank you… I’m very happy. Fabulous pricing, fabulour service and I can now hear! Just recently, I went to the Treasury Casino and I could have a conversation with my husband while the music was playing! I never thought this would ever happen. I love that I am no longer being anti-social!

Karleen Kohlweg, Banyo
Nov 2017
hearing care

“I now always see the same Audiologist”
I am extremely happy with my new service provider,Sandgate Hearing. Their hearing tests are extremely detailed. I’ve never been tested like that before. At my previous provider, every time I went I saw a different audiologist. At Sandgate Hearing, I know I will always see the same Audiologist which is great for me!

Stanley Cottle, Taigum
Oct 2017
hearing test Sandgate

“New ears”
It’s absolutely wonderful! Now that I have my ‘new ears’ I feel much more confident and I am able to enjoy life more. After a complete and comprehensive hearing test, they sugggest only what you need and what fits your budget. With all their latest diagnostic equipment and training, you’ll be glad you went with them. It is so refreshing to find professionals who really care.

Mark Dackevics, Clontarf
Oct 2017
hearing test

“Luxury TV Headphone”
I’m very happy with Sandgate Hearing. Put me back in touch with my family, just in time for my granddaughter!

Joy Hogan, Deagon
Oct 2017
hearing test clinic

“Hear the grandkids”
I can hear everybody a lot better now. General conversations at home are a lot clearer. I can hear the grandkids a lot clearer…and my son, my daughter.. including a work colleague who I couldn’t hear before. I am very happy with the services at Sandgate Hearing

Terry Baker, Arundel
Sep 2017