How do you prepare for hearing test?

  • Your audiologist needs to know about your history. Such as about your work situation, family history of hearing loss, medical history of any ear issues, etc.
  • Mentally prepare notes about the situations in which you cannot hear properly, e.g. listening to the TV, conversations with your partner, your children or group situations etc.
  • Many people find it is helpful to bring a friend or family member to attend the appointment for mental support and perhaps to remind them any important information.
  • If you are referred by your doctor, ask your doctor to check your ears for earwax before coming to see us.
  • Exposure to loud noises can also cause temporary decrease in your hearing. Avoid exposure to loud noises prior to your hearing assessment.
  • If you have a cold/flu on the date of your appointment, this condition can reduce the normal vibration of the ear drum and temporary reduce your hearing, therefore you may need to call us to reschedule the appointment.

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